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Disposal of SPF Chemicals

This provides general guidance related to disposal of SPF chemicals. Not covered here are the many other materials and chemicals that may be present at a job site, including but not limited to solvents, oils and fuels, coatings, primers, and other chemicals, all of which may have separate and very specific waste disposal requirements under applicable law. All persons involved in waste disposal have an independent obligation to ascertain that their actions are in compliance with current federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Consult the manufacturer for additional assistance on waste disposal.

The proper disposal of any remaining SPF chemicals is a crucial part of an SPF application. Likewise, drums containing SPF need to be properly prepared, decontaminated, and disposed of in accordance with regulatory requirements. It is never acceptable to abandon or discard a drum without following proper disposal procedures in accordance with legal requirements. Consult the SDS for more information.

Note that small amounts of unused A-side chemicals can be reacted with small amounts of unused B-side chemicals to produce foam. Cured foam is typically non-hazardous, and if it is determined to be non-hazardous, cured foam can be disposed of as non-hazardous waste.

Always wear appropriate PPE at all times when handling SPF chemicals and the drums containing these materials. Consult the manufacturer’s SDS for specific information about PPE.

For more information on disposal of drums used to contain or transport SPF chemicals refer to the ACC CPI poster on Disposal of Empty Drums Containing Polyurethane Chemicals.